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Project Jagrati

Now a day we are observing some good and some not so good behavior changes in the Children. As they grow, they have to deal with various stresses, pressures and anxieties (some real, some imaginary) which lead to number of diseases (like Eye cancer, Blood cancer, T.B., BP, blood Sugar, Dental Problems, Anemia etc.). Also because of modernization of the society leading to high consumption of fast food, alcohol and a change in life style, many children are falling prey to such bad habits and getting affected by dreadful diseases. It is with this aim that we try to sensitise children and ensure the sizeable reduction in the number of future patients.

Details of the Projects Implemented By the Organization


Activities Details
Project "Jagriti"
  • School-Based Cancer/Hepatitis-B/AIDS/Girl Child/Rights of Women Awareness Programmes
(Schools covered in the states of Delhi, U.P., Haryana, H.P., Punjab, Rajasthan, J&K, Maharashtra, West Bengal and Gujrat etc.)

The no of People covered indirectly.
More than 92 Lakhs Students & lakhs of teachers in more than 9500 Schools.

1.7 crore