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In line with our policy and vision of ensuring a Cancer free society, the aim is to identify those poor persons who are affected by this dreadful disease but either not knowing or disclosing it. This can only be possible if we have a medically equipped van so that it can be taken to the door steps of people in different resettlement colonies for an on the spot test facilities. Buying of Cancer Detection Van is therefore a part of our forth coming projects. This van will be fully equipped with all necessary equipment to carry out necessary medical test for the patients. The cost of this project is likely to be around Rs. 80 Lakhs per van.

Apart from this, the van can also be used for multipurpose benefits like : -

1. To do the health checkup through a qualified doctor.
2. To help the poor & under privileged Cancer, Hepatitis and Aids patients.
3. To create awareness amongst them of the causes, the ill effects of these diseases.
4. To tell them about the Do's & Don'ts, the prevention & care.
5. To tell them about the personal hygiene and to live neat and clean.
6. To tell them about the side effects of Smoking, Alcohol, Paan and Gutka etc leading to Mouth Cancer.


Old age is a gift of the nature to a human being when he becomes more experienced and can guide the Society for its betterment. However because of various constraints and the recent craze of our younger generation to remain as nuclear family, the old persons are now considered as financial burden. This is in-spite of the fact that older persons do not mind giving the lifetime savings to their near dear ones. An old person just needs love and affection with two square meals and a roof on his head. Our NGO therefore wants to take-up this challenge by providing a dignified life to such affected people by constructing an old age home.

However to serve such respected senior citizens, we do not have enough reserve funds to construct the old age home. We therefore look forward to kind donors / corporate to please donate as much as possible for this social and noble cause so that we can construct / rent a small home for at least 15 persons to start-with.

Old age home when constructed / rented and in use, will meet the following objectives:-

1. To create a family atmosphere where the aged feel comfortable to live.
2. Provide physical care and emotional support to the aged.
3. Help them in self – adjustment to solve their problems.
4. Provide activities for keeping them fit and busy.
5. Develop hobbies such as cleaning, cooking, gardening and reading etc.


Cancer is a disease of the aged in the west but in India we find most of the cases between the age group of 30 to 69 years. Also many patients either do not know about their illness or try to hide it because of many social reasons including financial constraints. There are equal numbers of patients who after getting a Cancer treatment, do not like to go back for further treatment unless there is an emergency. Our NGO wants to bridge such a gap between these patients and big hospitals by opening and maintaining medical services in a Cancer Patient Care Centre. This will be kind of a support service for the existing Patients and a Cancer Detection Centre for the new Patients where we will treat the Cancer patients at very nominal rates. For the poor and under privileged patients we will try that the treatment will be free of Cost.

As the CARE PROMISE WELFARE SOCIETY IS A N.G.O and survives on donation therefore do not have enough reserve funds to construct and maintain this proposed center. We request you to Please donate as much as you can for this noble and social cause for the poor and under privileged patients.

Our Main Objectives Will Be To:-

1. To give the free treatment to the poor and under privileged patients.
2. To give the employment to approx 50 persons including doctors and nurses.
3. To generate awareness among people about Cancer, Hepatitis, HIV/AIDS and personal hygiene.


While visiting schools for other projects, our NGO noticed that the tiffin being brought by the students contain very poor quality of food and most of the students depend upon the fast food which is supplied through the school gate during recess. We therefore decided to introduce the good quality tiffin service on no profit no loss basis. The infrastructure of the same is being set up and the supply to one of the schools will start shortly.


COMMUNITY HEALTH CARE CENTRES (DISPENSARIES) exclusively for women and children upto 12 year of age in rural areas of Uttar Pradesh (around Ghaziabad and Bulandshar) has been sanctioned by the central Govt. and we are allowed to raise donations upto Rs.10.68 crores for this noble cause.

Out of the total beneficiaries of the project, at-least 50% beneficiaries will be from economically weaker section of the society whose income is below Rs. 18,000/- per annum. Baseline survey has already started and we have also started approaching prospective donors from various organizations to contribute towards this project from their CSR Funds. The project after implementation will benefit a total of 2,16000 beneficiaries in proposed Five Dispensaries in about 3 years time.


The Indian youth now a days is getting attracted to many kind of drugs available freely in the market either in the form of pure drugs or the various pharmaceutical combination being produced by pharmaceutical companies. The various reasons for this may be lack of parent and child communication, too much freedom given to the teens, frustrations, educational stress, rich life style and unemployment etc. The teens easily get influenced when they see their friends and adults in the family taking alcohol, smoking or enjoying with the help of such drugs they see the drugs as an escape route from these problems.

Our NGO has realized that there is an urgent need for setting up of Drug De-Addiction Centres (Nasha Mukti Kendra) in around Delhi. We have already tied-up with a 50 yrs old renowned Ayurvedic Company for supply of the required medicine for this purpose. Our first Nasha Mukti Kendra has already started operating from our Sant Nagar, East of Kailash, New Delhi 110065 office and more branches will be opened very soon. At present we have decided not to charge the cost of the medicine from persons covered under BPL category.